This article covers how you can change your roster cycle within RosterElf to reflect your business's pay schedule. 

Note this article only pertains to the web app, and these settings are not available on mobile at this stage.

How can I change the payroll cycle for the business?


The Roster cycle is the weekly and hourly cycle for your roster and customized for your business. Your weekly process dictates when your roster week starts and finishes. E.g. Monday to Sunday (default) or Wednesday to Tuesday.

Your 24-hour cycle relates to when your day starts and finishes. For most businesses, the best option is midnight to midnight (default); however, this can be altered to allow businesses, such as bars/pubs/clubs, to roster across midnight and into the early hours of the morning without having to create two shifts on two different days. E.g. 5 am to 5 am


1. Go to payroll settings


Click on the settings tab to change the payroll cycle, then choose the payroll option from the drop-down.

2. Select your cycle


Go to the payroll calendar box and click the drop-down that, as default, will say "Monday - Sunday" and choose the roster (and payroll) cycle that works for your business. Here is also where you can choose whether your payroll cycle is weekly or fortnightly. Click the drop-down and choose between the two options.

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