This article covers how an Owner, Admin, or Payroll Manager can change which method of payroll integration RosterElf uses from the RosterElf web app.

Please note this functionality is only available from the RosterElf web app.

RosterElf gives you the ability to export payroll hours in several different ways.
The default is to export the information to a CSV file; however, you can change the export to many other formats to suit various payroll providers.

Changing your payroll format on an established account is not recommended if it can be avoided. As each provider has different pay template interfaces, you will need to recreate all your Pay Templates.

1. Go to payroll settings


Click on the settings tab, then select payroll from the dropdown.

2. Select format


Click on the new format you want to export your payroll report in, and you are done!

The new provider will now show as active.

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