Sometimes managers may need to make last minute changes to the roster, even calling employees on the phone to quickly find someone extra to work. Rather than needing to edit the roster and republish, in this situation, managers can simply add additional employees directly via RosterElf's Time Clock app. NOTE: Only employees with manager permission level can add employees via Time Clock.


1. Click the + icon


To add an employee to the roster via the tablet, click on the + icon which appear on the top right of the screen.

2. Select manager name


Due to permissions required for this process, you will need to find your name from a list of registered managers on the account.

3. Enter manager password


Manager will then be prompted to enter their RosterElf password.

4. Select a site


If you account has more than one site, you will need to select to which site you want to add the shift.

5. Select position


Next, you will be prompted to select the position you wish to add from a list registered on your RosterElf account.

6. Select employee


The next step requires you to select the employee you wish to add to the roster.

7. Set start and finish time


Required next is the estimated start and finish time of the shift. If your adding a last minute emergency shift, you may not know exact start and finish times but just enter what you expect this times to be.

8. Leave a comment


The final step gives you the ability to leave a comment so when your reviewing payroll you remember the reason for adding this employee.

9. Adding employee complete


A confirmation window like below will appears to confirm the employee has been added. You will notice this employee, including site name, position as well as expected start and finish times will now be visible on the main screen.