Creating a Pay Template with the MYOB integration 


RosterElf can export approved pay hours with award interpretation as a MYOB formatted TXT file.


This file allows you to use the MYOB timesheet import function to create timesheets in your MYOB Account Right program.


When creating these pay templates, you must ensure that all the ‘Wage rules’ used to create a pay template (in RosterElf) are identical to those in your MYOB account. Ensure the correct spacing and capitalisation are used at all times. A single incorrect letter will cause hours sent to MYOB to be read/imported incorrectly under that rule. 


Typically, a pay template will consist of 4 different rules.

  1. A rule covering off the Monday – Friday hours (typically called Base Hourly)
  2. A rule for Saturday
  3. A rule for Sunday
  4. A Public Holiday rule

Additional common rules include

  1. Early morning rule (usually Midnight – 7 am)
  2. Evening rule (usually 7 pm – Midnight)

The below is an example of how to create a template using the rules from our demo account.


The best way to create the template in RosterElf is to have MYOB and your RosterElf account open simultaneously and copy the wage rule name from MYOB to RosterElf.

Copy a MYOB Wage name into the ‘rule name’ section of the add pay template popup window. 


 When you click add, you will be able to define when this rule applies. For this example, the Base Hourly rule we have just added will be applied on Monday – Friday from 7 am – 7 pm.


NOTE 1: If you only use 1 rule to pay your staff for the day (e.g., you are simply not open outside ordinary hours), make sure the rule is still applied for the full 24 hours in the day to avoid errors when saving the template. 

Once you have added all the rules into the pay template (ensuring you cover all 24 hours in each of the 7 days), you will be able to save the template by clicking ‘Save Rules’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the popup window. If there are no errors, RosterElf will confirm that the template has been successfully saved.

NOTE 2: All the rules you have used to create the pay template in RosterElf must already be assigned to the staff member in MYOB for the import to run smoothly.

NOTE 3: All names in RosterElf must be identical in MYOB. Please remove middle names and ensure and ensure correct capitalisation.