How can I view roster trends, and what do they mean?

Roster Trends

When you have logged in to your account, you will see the trends section on the right of your screen. Roster trends are a great way of comparing your published rosters and how well they align with budgeting costs.

Roster Trends

You will be able to toggle between- Hours- Labour Cost- Average Pay Rate .This will provide you with a clear indication of how well you are budgeting each week.

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The Best Investment You Will Make.


Save 8 Hours A Week.

Take the pain out of chasing staff for availability, building and communicating rosters, keeping timesheets and entering payroll data.

Save 4% on Labour.

Set your business targets and view actual costs in real time as you build your roster as well as eliminate time theft through photo recognition clock-in-out.

Employee Accountability.

Make employees responsible for keeping their availability and leave requests up to date and ensure they are always aware of rostered shifts.
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