What permission levels are available?



1. Staff

The staff permission level is the most basic and is likely to be the permission level for 90% of the employees registered on your account.

As you can see from the example below, employees with a Staff permission level only have a very limited view of functionality on RosterElf.

They can view their shifts and notifications as well as simply update availability and personal information such as email and mobile number.

2. Manager

The "Manager" permission level can be given by the account owner and gives an employee manager status within the account.

Employees need to be assigned as manager to each site the account owner wishes to give them this level of access via the "Sites" tab.

In the example below, both Simon Ingleson and Karel Radford have been assigned as "Managers" of this site.

Below is an example of what an employee, who has been given the "Manager" permission level will see when they log in.

You will notice that a number of extra tabs are available including "Staff", "Sites" "Positions" ,"Roster" and "Payroll" enabling this employee to roster and process payroll for the sites assigned as a manager.

3. Account Owner

The account owner is the person who signed up for RosterElf and is the highest permission level.

This personal has access to all functionality of "Staff" and "Manager" permission levels but also three extra sections within the Settings Tab:

1. Billing Information

2. Payroll

3. General Settings

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