What are sites?

With RosterElf, you can setup as many sites as your require. But what are sites?Basically sites are parts of your business:1. Geographic location. E.g. Steve's Cafe may have two locations in different suburbs. In this case Steve's Cafe Leederville and Steve's Cafe Bondi would be setup as two different sites.2. Division or department. Some clients may have only one physical location but due to the size of the business, they like to break the business into separate sites. Eg. A hospital which divides its account into Wing A, Wing B, Wing C or a Restaurant who wants to separate its account into Front of House and Kitchen.

Why set up multiple sites?

1. Budget Separately. Each site is published separately and therefore you can keep track of the finacial performance of each site as a stand alone.

2. Management. Each site can have its own managers who can roster and approve changes etc for that part of the business which is a great way to divide the responsibility amongst a group of managers in a large business.

3. Filling Shifts. If you sites are geographic, having separate sites will mean you will never roster and employee to work at a site that they cannot get to.

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The Best Investment You Will Make.


Save 8 Hours A Week.

Take the pain out of chasing staff for availability, building and communicating rosters, keeping timesheets and entering payroll data.

Save 4% on Labour.

Set your business targets and view actual costs in real time as you build your roster as well as eliminate time theft through photo recognition clock-in-out.

Employee Accountability.

Make employees responsible for keeping their availability and leave requests up to date and ensure they are always aware of rostered shifts.
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