How to I set a default position pay rate?

RosterElf Budgeting

RosterElf has a very powerful budgeting tool to help you save money and roster efficiently. The example below shows just how powerful this tool is.

However, to use the budgeting tool you will need to set pay rates into your account.

This can be done by setting individual rates for each employee READ ABOUT THIS


By setting position base rates as explained in this article. When a position base rate is set, all employees who do not have customised rates will be budgeted by the position rate for which they have been rostered.

1. Go to the Positions tab

Firstly, to add a position base rate, simply click on the "Positions" tab.

Next, find the position you wish to delete and click on it.

2. Add Base rate

A new window will appear with details of the current position.

In the field on the right, type in a base rate for the position. In the example below a base rate for the position of Chef has been added at $21 per hour.

When done, click the "Save" button.

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