Simple Home Care Provider Scheduling Software

With RosterElf, managing complex healthcare schedules for NDIS home care providers is fast and easy. Use RosterElf’s home care staff management software to build rosters, budget wage costs, and process payroll.  

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In-Home Care & NDIS Scheduling Software

RosterElf comes with key features that can help you coordinate and schedule support staff to provide the best level of in-home care for your patients.

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Simplify support worker scheduling

Build staff schedules that meet the needs of your patients and bookings on a week-to-week basis across multiple locations. With RosterElf, you can schedule support staff without the headache.  

  • The needs of your patients can change quickly but so can your rosters. Make immediate changes and update staff via Push, SMS, and email notifications.  
  • Find a suitable, qualified replacement for patient using RosterElf’s unique ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm makes sure staff are only made available for the patients they are qualified for.
  • Manage smarter with roster templates, contingency management, conflict-free scheduling and a live budget tracker as you schedule.

Track time without spreadsheets

With so many different patient schedules, you can easily manage provider schedules with digital time tracking.

  • Record your team’s exact time on-shift with the digital time clock app that allows caregivers to leave a note if they’re late.
  • Approve hours worked at the end of each shift and export timesheets to payroll with one click.  
  • Avoid human error and stay compliant with automatic award wage calculations.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Budget your wage costs  

RosterElf’s NDIS Care Giver management software has a live built-in budgeting tool so you can build rosters accordingly.

  • Budget tracker updates live as your building out your weekly care giver roster.
  • Achieve a clear view of labour costs so you can manage profitability and schedule smarter.
  • Slide bar technology allows you to adjust provider shifts to until you meet your budget.

Simplify Your Home Care Payroll Process

With accurate timesheets and smarter staff scheduling, your payroll process should also be quick and easy.

  • Seamless integration with major payroll solutions including Xero, MYOB and Sage.
  • Automate award calculations and export timesheets to avoid manual data entry.
  • Use the digital time clock data to approve hours worked and save on excess labour costs.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
Home Care Rostering Software

Home Care Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf for your Home Care business team?

With RosterElf you can schedule care givers with the right patients without the headaches of spreadsheets. You can support your mobile caregivers and notify of any schedule changes using the RosterElf app.  

Core Challenges

  • Scheduling the right Carer for the right patient
  • Updating providers with schedule changes
  • Reducing wage costs

RosterElf Solutions

  • ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm to ensure providers with the necessary qualifications are paired with the right patients.
  • Update all schedule changes with the click of a button using the RosterElf app.
  • Schedule smarter using the live budgeting tool to control labour costs.


We have the answers.

Can I match patients with preferred Carers?

Yes, you can match caregivers with specific patients based on qualifications and availability.  

Can I optimise Home Careschedules based on budget?

RosterElf’s live budgeting tool allows you to build schedules around your budget. When you’ve gone over, use the slide bar technology to adjust specific schedules until you meet our budget.  

Is the RosterElf app for Android and iOS?

Both the RosterElf mobile app and time clock app are Android and iOS friendly so staff can be updated on the go.

Can my Carers submit shift change requests from the RosterElf app?

Yes, your staff can manage their availability, submit shift swaps and time off requests all from the RosterElf app.

Can I automate Home Care scheduling?

Using roster templates, you can easily copy and paste previous schedules to fit the needs of future schedules. 

Can I communicate real-time updates to team members in the field?

You can immediately update your staff on any shift changes, new schedules and leave request approvals via email or SMS notifications straight from the RosteElf mobile app.  

How will I know if Caregivers have worked overtime?

When providers clock out past the hours they were scheduled, they will be prompted to leave a note explaining why. You can then make an informed decision on approved hours. 

How long does it take to set up RosterElf?

With the help of our rostering experts, you can get your RosterElf account set up and start saving time within minutes. 

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