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RosterElf is the number one event management staff scheduling tool built for events of all sizes, making it easier to communicate, create staff schedules, and organise your event staff payroll and timesheets.

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Rostering Staff across multiple event locations can have its challenges. RosterElf allows you to streamline your Event Management Staff operations, build conflict-free schedules, quickly communicate with staff, and process event staff payroll with the click of a button.

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Event Employee Scheduling

Now you can build rosters for your team of event staff to ensure events are always appropriately staffed and run successfully. 

  • The ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm allows you to match shifts with staff based on qualifications, availability and shift conflicts.
  • Manage your staff schedule from the palm of your hand with the RosterElf mobile-friendly app.
  • Copy and paste schedules for repeat events and adjust shifts using slide bar technology to account for the staffing budget.

Processing Event Staff Payroll

Processing payroll for event staff can get complicated with different locations, availabilities and awards. Fortunately, with RosterElf, we’ve made processing event staff payroll easy no matter the circumstance. 

  • Digital timesheets capture accurate hours and automatically calculate awards, so all you have to do is click export.
  • Connect to your preferred accounting system, so you never have to process payroll manually.
  • Remain Fair Work compliant with automatic award interpretation and pay event staff on time.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Manage Event Staff in Real-Time 

Now, multiple events can be easily managed. With RosterElf, you can support and manage your team from anywhere. The RosterElf app keeps managers and staff always connected.

  • Use GPS Clock in-out to track staff shifts
  • Monitor your Event Management Staff operations using the app’s management dashboard. 
  • Check-in with staff and volunteers across multiple locations to ensure they are onsite and on time.
  • Update staff with schedule changes immediately using SMS and email notifications.

Integrate with Your Accounting Software

RosterElf integrates with leading accounting software to ensure post events your staff are paid correctly and that the payroll effort isn’t monumental. With streamlined operations for your events, you can increase capacity and scale up your Event Management business.

  • Reduce administrative time and enable yourself to manage a growing team of event staff. 
  • Manage multiple events across different locations through a single end-to-end solution.
  • Gain a real-time look at staff hours, who’s on-site and who’s late.
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Seamless Payroll Integration
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Event Staff Scheduling Software

Why choose RosterElf to manage staff at your next event?

RosterElf’s complete Event Management Staff Rostering software will allow you to streamline processing payroll for event staff, communicate and support your staff across multiple locations and build the perfect staff schedule for every event.

Core Challenges

  • Communicating changes immediately 
  • Scheduling across different locations
  • Streamlining administration and operations

RosterElf Solutions

  • Update event staff with changes using the RosterElf mobile apps. 
  • Conflict-free scheduling enables you to schedule across more than one location.
  • Budgeting tools, payroll capabilities, and digital timesheets save you time on admin tasks.


We have the answers.

Can I schedule event staff based on their qualifications?

Using the ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm, you can schedule staff for events based on qualifications, roles, availability, and shift conflicts.

Can I process all event staff payroll through RosterElf?

Yes, using our payroll integration feature, you can process all event staff payroll using RosterElf and your chosen accounting software.

Will I know when event staff are on location?

With RosterElf’s digital clock in and out abilities, you’ll receive a notification when staff are on-site, are late or work overtime.

Can I budget staff around the events staffing budget?

Using RosterElf’s budgeting feature and slide bar technology, you can build staff schedules for events based on a budget. The dashboard will update live as you build your event staff roster.

How can I build conflict-free schedules?

To build conflict-free schedules, make sure that your staff have updated their availability, and their profiles include accurate information around qualifications and location.

How do I update my staff with changes to an upcoming event?

Using the RosterElf apps, you can immediately update your event staff with event changes using SMS and email notifications.

Does RosterElf automatically calculate event staff awards?

When you process payroll, event staff awards automatically calculate so you can remain fair work compliant.

Does RosterElf offer any support for onboarding new event staff?

To help you, onboard new event staff, RosterElf has a free HR toolkit. The HR toolkit was built with the help of HR professionals to ensure you have what you need.

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