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Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great feature on many smartphones and allow for instant notifications. Users may have to enable push notifications on their smartphones but is a great way to stay up to date.

Smartphone apps such as RosterElf allow updates to be sent straight to the user's smartphone as a pop-up. When a manager opts to send out notifications to staff, managers can choose to send out push notifications. Staff will receive a pop up on their smartphone indicating they have a roster with shifts for them to ready to view.

Pop up push notifications are helpful in allowing staff to see updates from their employer straight away and can open the app to see updates. Managers can choose to send notifications to all staff if it is a new roster they have published or simply chose to send notifications to changed staff and not bombard all staff with notifications. Of course, managers can also choose to send out emails and SMS to their staff to also notify them of new shifts available for staff to view.

Push notifications are a great way to update the entire business and allow staff to quickly review and let managers know if they need to make any changes. Staff can view their shifts in the ‘My Shifts’ tab in both the web version and smartphone app. From the ‘My Shifts’ tab, if staff need to request a shift swap they can simply request one and RosterElf will find an equally qualified and available staff to cover the shift.


The Best Investment You Will Make.


Save 8 Hours A Week.

Take the pain out of chasing staff for availability, building and communicating rosters, keeping timesheets and entering payroll data.

Save 4% on Labour.

Set your business targets and view actual costs in real time as you build your roster as well as eliminate time theft through photo recognition clock-in-out.

Employee Accountability.

Make employees responsible for keeping their availability and leave requests up to date and ensure they are always aware of rostered shifts.
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