RosterElf Glossary

Approved Times

Rostered hours and actual worked hours may differ from time to time. Staff may end up working late to accommodate busy periods or may end up starting a shift later than expected.

As a manager of your business, you have the option of selecting how you would like to approve hours worked and send to your payroll provider as a template. If your business is keeping time-sheets, Clock In/Out will also give you an accurate summary of hours worked to compare between what you have rostered. This will help keep business costs down and stay on budget.

Approved times are the hours you approve as a manager for each staff once you are processing payroll and generating a draft timesheet. Managers will be able to see the variance of hours between Rostered Times, Clock In/Out times (generated from smartphone/tablet apps), and Approved Times. This will ensure you are keeping business costs to a minimal and ensuring you are meeting your quarterly and yearly budget.

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