Are you suffering from the never-ending, unnecessary hassle of the rules and regulations of visa employment? Are you spending too much time always making sure staff are working their correct designated hours, while you are keeping the books updated, having all the right documentation, meeting the necessary requirements… the list could go on and on. And now just to make things more complicated, there is a new legal requirement to have official documentation of every single employee’s right to work.  Now that’s a lot of paper work. We can help!

So now instead of running your business, you are at your desk, head over heels in paper work, cluttered with files here, there and everywhere and you can’t see yourself ever getting out. It’s time to bring in the Elf.

RosterElf is a Magically Simple online staff rostering system that can take control of your clutter.

Our easy to use scheduling system sets you up with all the required information online. All you need to do is fill in:  

  • Select Visa Type  
  • Select Expiry Date  
  • Get Staff to upload the document

That’s it! All on file, no paper and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Legal hours able to work are automatically calculated, updated and stored in our system so we can notify you if staff are getting overworked.

Visa about to expire? No worries! We remind you before that’s about to happen, minimising business risk.

Scared of missing documentation? Our Live Reminder Report generates an up to date report of whos information is missing. At one click of a button, a reminder is sent out to the staff.

No more emails, no more phone calls, no more chasing.

Online rostering has never been so clever.

RosterElf. Magically Simple.