Every business owner’s nightmare is over or under scheduling staff for certain seasonal periods. Managers then tend to waste precious time constantly adjusting and altering rosters to make sure staff are happy and costs are kept to a minimum.

Your business may have too many on-call  shifts which can disgruntle and frustrate staff because they can’t seem to find a happy work-life balance.

Staff like to plan their commitments such as studies, volunteer work, or family events and don’t want to worry about when their next shift is.

Whether your business has 10 or 1000 staff, staff scheduling is really important in growing your business and being able to produce high quality of work. Being understaffed could mean staff helping out in other areas of your business with no real experience or expertise in that area. Having key staff available for specific positions will allow for successful team performance.

Unstable work schedules can damage your business and create even more work for managers than necessary. Having a system or tool in place that will help organise and manage your entire staff schedules is vital in today’s fast-paced workplace.

Here are some of the best reasons to stop on call rostering:

1. Lower employer productivity

2. Employees don't know when working and can't plan lives

3. More stressed at work

4. Management headaches

5. Managers sit on phone chasing for hours

6. Mistakes are made, double roster, staff not showing up

7. Legal Issues

8. Fair work obligations around rostering

9. Paperwork

10. Nightmare to record

How can managers combat this and become more organised?

Staff availability

Work and communicate with your staff to update weekly availabilites in advance which will allow managers to roster weeks in advance with all unavailabilities and leave requests taken into consideration. Set expectations for staff to be responsible for being available to work the best shifts which will help staff become more productive.

Roster in advance

By placing the onus on staff to constantly update their weekly availabilites will allow managers to roster well in advance. Staff can fill in the calendar and work around outside commitments to ensure they are fully available. Managers won’t have to tweak rosters too much unless there are sick days to cover for.

Shift swaps

This will allow staff to know exactly which days they are working and request a shift swap if they realise they can’t work a certain shift. This allows other staff to fill in the gap and keep your business running smoothly. If your business is a person short for a shift this will hurt productivity and quality of service.

Invest your time in rostering and staff scheduling that allows staff to become responsible for their availabilities. RosterElf allows managers to publish several weeks rosters based on staff availabilties and allows staff to swap shifts if they realise they have other commitments. RosterElf incorporates a ‘perfect match’ algorithm that automatically sends shifts to be replaced for only the best available and qualified staff to cover.

Staff can download the RosterElf smartphone app to their phone and update their availabilites any time, any where. This is really helpful in publishing accurate rosters and keeping all your employees happy. Employees who are happy with their shifts and how it works around their personal lives, will work with a smile and be more productive.

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