Managing time and attendance as a business owner can be challenging. Especially when you have multiple locations, staff are constantly swapping shifts, and hours worked don't match the scheduled hours. Fortunately, implementing a digital time clock app can help.

We’re long past the days of the manual time punch machines and paper-based systems just won’t cut it.

So, in today's article, we're breaking down the top seven reasons that your business needs a digital employee time clock.

Digital time clocks save time on admin. 

First and foremost, time and attendance software can help you save time on administrative tasks such as approving hours worked compared to hours scheduled. There's too much room for human error with manual time clocks, and it requires a painful amount of time to update the data manually.

Plus, if employees are late, work overtime, or don't show, you can miss this when approving hours for payroll. Mark Harris, a business owner who uses RosterElf's time clock app, says, "Implementing RosterElf's clock-in-out system has saved me 5 hours a week in chasing up paperwork and manual calculations. After that, I've never looked back." Quite simply, implementing an attendance app for employees will save you time and trouble.

Avoid human-error

Part of running a great business is making sure that your employees are paid on time and in the right amount. But if your time and attendance system requires manual data entry, there's too much room for human error. If you underpay or overpay, then this requires more time to solve the issue.

Investing in a digital time clock app that handles employee attendance tracking for your business means that all hours worked are accurate, reliable, and automatically imported into a digital timesheet that you can export to your chosen payroll solution. So now, human error can be a thing of the past, and you can rest assured your employees get paid what they should.

Reduce time theft 

According to a recent study, time theft costs US employers upward of $11 billion a year, with 1 in 2 employees admitting to adding between 15 and 60 minutes to their timesheets. But it's not always the employee's fault.

When a business uses outdated and faulty systems and processes for employees to clock in and out, there will be discrepancies in the numbers. So instead of staff or management having to guess the hours they worked, a digital time and attendance tracking system does it for you.

With RosterElf's digital time clock app, management has an exact look at the hours if staff arrive late, work overtime, don't show, or take a break. In addition, this data can be exported to their chosen payroll system using digital timesheets.

Karel Radford, a business owner who used RosterElf's rostering solution, says, "As a business owner with multiple locations, I was trusting my employees when I wasn't there to log the correct hours. While the majority were, after implementing RosterElf, I found labour cost immediately reduced by 5%."

Save money on labour 

Not only are you reducing time theft and thus reducing your wage costs, but you can also reduce labour costs with the time needed to organise timesheets and process payroll. When you go digital with your time and attendance, you can process payroll by clicking a button.

Most businesses that implement a digital time and attendance system can notice a significant reduction in their labour costs and bottom line. Now, time theft is gone, staff must explain why they worked overtime, and management has complete visibility into cost per shift.

Schedule based on sales 

Beyond just recording the time staff work, you can also compare hours worked to the demand of your business. By recording accurate hours worked, you can cross-compare this to sales and make smarter business decisions about scheduling.

A thorough understanding of your business's hours and staff schedules is essential to keep your business profitable. Digital time and attendance systems enable you to keep a close eye on costs without the stress of missing critical information.

Automate award interpretation

As a business owner in Australia, you may already know the frustration and challenges of calculating awards for your staff. Fortunately, this task can be a thing of the past. Now, with RosterElf's digital time clock, you can automatically calculate awards.

Between ordinary, Saturday, Sunday, and holiday hours, it's easy to neglect the task and get caught up in paperwork. But RosterElf automatically calculates awards. After you set up the award rules, your payroll report will split employee hours into award categories.

Process Employee Timesheets Straight through to Xero

With all the data already in a digital system, you can now quickly audit staff clock in/out times and process the pays to your chosen accounting system.

With RosterElf, you have the option to Process Payroll based on Rostered Times, Clock-in-out Times, Auto Rounded Times, or Approved Times for each shift. Once you've decided on the method, you can process your staff rosters through to Xero at the click of a button. That’s why it's often referred to as the best time and attendance software with full Xero integration around.

Final Thoughts 

Investing in an employee time clock for your business will help you save time, money and keep employees engaged and accountable. You’ll never again have to ask how to monitor attendance of employees again.

At the end of the day proper implementation of time and attendance software is a matter of profit when it comes to recording hours worked and managing staff, so don't let manual time management keep your business from growing.

To start using an employee time clock today, sign up for RosterElf's free 30-day trial.