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How you can be an amazing boss

Amazing Boss

As a boss, the relationship we have with our employees can seriously impact their job enjoyment.

Research found 38% of Australian workers are unsatisfied with their current job and 44% of current workers are actively looking for a new job.

The relationship you have with your employees can also confuse the way you interact with them as there is a fine line between what’s appropriate and what’s not. You want to ensure your employees respect you but are also satisfied in the workplace.

If you want to be an amazing boss and retain awesome employees, follow these rules to help you gain the title!

1. Manage individuals not teams

An amazing boss will always remember that employees are still unique individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses. When you’re under pressure it’s easy to forget this so it’s important you remember to personalise your interactions with each employee. They will also have varying interests, abilities, goals and ways of learning which should be considered to ensure you can have a meaningful impact when conversing, training and teaching them.

2. Go big and expect exceptional

Employees are more likely to enjoy their job is they’re allowed the freedom to contribute and made a difference to the workplace. Amazing bosses don’t rely solely on incentives like pay rises to motivate their staff but focus on inspiring employees with visions, setting challenging yet achievable goals and inflate their confidence by openly celebrating achievements - big and small. Always set expectations high but have a clear understanding of what gets your team going and demonstrate to them that you believe they are capable of reaching exceptional limits.

3. Focus on feedback

Many bosses avoid performance reviews with their employees and instead have discussions about compensation and promotions which is actually less effective.

Regular feedback is important so try and provide one on one coaching and development once a fortnight or at least monthly. By giving regular feedback it will help employee development and help them to learn from mistakes whilst building their confidence. Always be clear, honest, and constructive.

An amazing boss will be open minded so while it’s important you provide feedback to improve development, give your employees the opportunity to also provide feedback. Ensure they are comfortable enough to tell you if they’re unsatisfied with something. This will help build trust in your relationship and help improve overall work morale.

4. Don’t just talk, listen

Your employees will benefit from you listening to them. If they feel as though you knock down their contributions, or you have fixed ideas on things, it may discourage them from participating and feeling deflated. Most bosses claim that they want their employees to contribute new ideas and take initiative, and don’t understand when they don’t. Stop for a minute and think, are you promoting your views too strongly? Amazing bosses spend the most time listening to their employees. Suggest problems and challenges to your team and then ask them questions that encourages them to come up with solutions.

5. Be consistent

Are you a boss that does one thing one day, and then another thing the next? Now ask yourself, do you think employees would be satisfied at work if you were like this? The answer is probably not. An employee would find it hard to stay motivated if you’re unpredictable and they never know what to expect. To be an amazing boss, be consistent with your management style, vision, expectations, feedback, and willingness to listen and implement new ideas. If you feel as though change needs to happen, be open about it and do it quickly.

Something to remember even if you implement all these strategies, and more, it can’t guarantee you happy employees and you being considered an amazing boss. However following these tips can help to improve employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity. An amazing boss will always pay close attention to their employees, recognise when changes are needed and help build their employees confidence.

Hard work pays off - and have fun being an amazing boss!



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