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How Can I Set Permissions For My Business?

Roster Permissions

Setting different access points for your employees within the administration or managerial positions is important in managing your RosterElf account. This article will include how to set up permission levels and what each permission level means. As a business owner, it is very useful to set up correct permission levels as you can assign responsibilities to your managers within your business. Especially if you have multiple business locations or departments within your business - it can be time-saving to allow managers to self-govern their staff.

How To Setup Permission Levels

Account owners are able to adjust permission levels within the business administration side of the account as well as site management. Business administration may include general managers and payroll managers of your business. Site management access gives access to specific sites of your business and includes managers and assistant managers.

Account managers can access this by heading to Settings > Permission in the web version of their account login. Here account owners can see the full permissions of the account and add or remove permissions.

What Level of Access Does Each Permission Provide?

Business Administration

Account Owner

An account owner provides access to everything within the RosterElf account as this person is usually the director or business owner who has signed up. Access includes billing, publishing rosters, processing payroll, and adding/removing staff.

General Manager

Assigning a general manager provides the same access as an account owner, except a general manager cannot see or change account billing details. This may be assigned to an employee who may have a more hands-on approach to the business.

Payroll Manager

Your payroll manager can be added to your RosterElf account to be able to process your payroll as well as add and remove staff to your account. Payroll managers won’t be able to publish rosters or see billing details.

Site Management


A managerial account can publish rosters, add or remove staff, and save payroll entries ready for the general manager or payroll manager. Managers can only see information for their designated site including the live clock in/out information. Managers will have main logins for the Time Clock kiosk app.

Assistant Manager

Assistant managers can publish rosters but cannot see staff pay rates and thus enter sales targets and see budgets. Assistant managers cannot access payroll or add to or remove from the staff list.

It is important to account owners organise and structure their RosterElf account in order to facilitate and run a smooth business. Creating permission levels allows certain employees to have access to approrpiate areas of your business based on their responsibilities.

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