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12 Actions to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee Retention

Successful businesses are built on a foundation of a willing, caring, and passionate team of employees that clearly understand the company’s mission , values, goals, and objectives. Staff who don’t understand the company, the market and its customers won’t last long in your company.

High employee turnover is a concern most businesses look to address in today’s workplace . Businesses spend millions on human resources and training to help build a successful and lasting team culture.

Here are 12 actions that you can take to help reduce employee turnover:

1. Select the right candidates

Put in place an extensive hiring and interview process, that also covers personality tests which will encourage out of the box thinking. Perhaps even include a 2 or 3 stage process.

2. Offer competitive benefits

Providing standard superannuation contributions, award standard pay rates and overtimes is essential for attracting loyal employees. Your business may need to introduce higher than industry standard pay rates or even commission structures to attract A grade performers.

3. Respect

Get to know your employees and treat them with respect. Show empathy, especially when underperforming as employees are more than just numbers to your business - they embody your business’ values and mission.

4. Make work fun

Break away from routine and encourage creative thinking. Casual dress Friday’s or after work dinner and drinks will help bring togetherness. Employees will appreciate this break from meetings, preparing reports, or sending a bunch of emails.

5. Performance feedback

Prepare formal feedback sessions in a one on one meeting with your employees. Employees would be keen to understand where they sit and what areas they need improvement on. Employees can take a breather and reflect on their contribution.

6. Work-life balance

No one wants to bring work home. Don’t overload your employees with mountains of work that simply can be completed during work. Employees won't be productive at home and need a break from time to time.

7. Celebrate success

Small or big achievements are great milestones in your employee’s career, and celebrating will help motivate them further.

8. Traditions

Traditions that help define your business such as ringing a bell when a big sale is made will help bring everyone together. Company traditions can last decades and help attract big talent.

9. Career progression

Provide a clear path for employees to climb up the ladder or attain skills in mixed areas will help bring about a sense of purpose and challenges for staff to work upon.

10. Communication

Be sure to check in and keep constant communication with your employees. If you have a question, don’t send an email walk over to their office and ask them face to face. It helps build trust.

11. Work friends

Encourage after work parties and gatherings to help build comradery and you get to learn about the people in your business not just their work.

12. Hire smart people

Develop frequent training and brainstorming sessions that encourages employees to share ideas and pass on to their colleagues.

At times, employee turnover can’t be avoided. Some employees switch careers, retire, go off to study, and go travelling. Employee turnover can be a good thing for business as it reinvigorates the business and brings about new business ideas.

High employee turnover can be a bad thing for business as it reflects poorly on stakeholders and customers. It is important to build a loyal and engaging workplace to ensure you keep hold of some of the stars of your business - who live and breath the company.

Managers hire people based not only what is shown on their resumes or cover letter. Managers also hire based on a person's attitude and personality fit. Can they bounce back from patches of poor productivity? Are you available and empathetic when performances drop?

Best wishes!

Chris Fordyce

Customer Success @RosterElf

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