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Consistency Wins.

Consistency in Leadership

Sometimes business mirrors life when it comes to lessons. In fact, almost always in my experience.

We all know if you want to improve your fitness, the key is consistent daily training not one off bootcamps. Same goes with saving money or investing. A consistent approach always wins in the end if you want to create anything meaningful.

Too often as business owners, we don't apply this lesson in way we manage our employees.

Whilst we may start off with awesome intentions of having a consistent management approach, we...well...get side-tracked.

I will put my hand up as guilty of this one. More than once.

Like many business owners and entrepreneurs, I find that between juggling my massive to do list and getting excited and sidetracked on my next big 'idea', sometimes I let the regular routines with my employees slip.

That weekly management meeting, after a few weeks suddenly get cancelled and doesn't appear again. Or quarterly employee performance reviews start off with a bang and much excitement only to quickly disappear from sight.

So why is this lack of management consistency so bad?

1. Consistency Or Lack Of Spreads.

If as a leader you don't commit to, and follow, consistent routines with your employees, effectively you are giving them a signal that they can let their day-to-day task slip too.

If you cancel meetings or don't followup on tasks, quickly you will find this mindset spreads throughout the business and your employees will also let slip on day to day tasks that are needed for the business to run well. Suddenly cleaning standards drop, costs increase, paperwork becomes disorganised and things get forgotten.

Remember "A fish aways rots from the head."

2. Consistency = Efficiency.

Routines make us efficient. As boring as they are, time and time again, evidence shows that they make both us and the business efficient and productive.

Tasks get done and progress happens slowly but surely. When management routines fall off the radar, this efficiency also drops off.

3. More Time Fighting Fires Than Growing.

In a similar way, when consistent routines of leaders slip, problems, be they slowly, will emerge. After time, the end result will be you find yourself constantly in crisis mode having to jump into urgent issues that arise. Often these 'fires' would have been completely avoided if leadership had kept up a consistent approach.

4. Not Training New Leaders.

Don't forget one of your core tasks as a leader is to grow other leaders. Business owners need to be constantly coaching and developing talent who, in time, can step up and take on more responsibility and eventually grow into leaders themselves.

If you are not following consistent management routines yourself, this sets a horrible example for the next group of leaders in making and you will find that when asked to step up, these individuals simply don't run a smooth operation.

If you’ve failed to be a steadfast and consistent leader, don’t fret.

Tomorrow is a new day, and you can easily turn things around and find leadership success.

Remember, consistency may be boring as hell but sometimes slow and steady does win the race.



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