Leadership is a tough gig. Its not for everyone. Thats why only some of us are crazy enough to take it on, and even fewer succeed.

Perhaps one of the hardest elements is where to draw the line between being a likeable and agreeable manager and when you simply need to draw the line and say "NO" to your employees. Some employees will always do the right thing but most will, at times, simply push the boundaries and you will need to eventually put your foot down. So where is this line? It would be great if it was clear and consistent, but business, like life is not like this.

But here are some ideas to help you work out if you should be saying "No".

1.Put the Business First.
The first consideration should be as to what decision or action is in the best interest of your business. Sometimes what is best for employees isnt best of the business, which, effectively employs more than one person and it therefore more important to protect.

2. Respect.
If an employee is simply not being respectful of your, the business or fellow employees, a firm "No" is usually the answer 99% of the time.

3. History.
We are all human, employees including. If you are trying to decide if a strong "No" is required in the situation, see if the behaviour at hand is a once off or a isolated event that may be a result of personal issues an employee is facing.

4. Face It.
In my experience, many times when managers don't say "No" when needed its because they are struggling to face confrontation. They know the situation should be given a firm "No" but find it difficult to face the reality of the firm hand that is required. This form of procrastination usually just makes the problem bigger and harder to deal with down the track. If a "No" is needed, bite the bullet and act.

At the end of the day, the reality is leadership isn't a popularity contest. Its about making sound judgements in every situation and, at times, simply saying "No".

Cheers and happy "No-ing".

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